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Teaching the ‘golden oldies’, NGO puts Pune on road to become an ‘age friendly city

School for Development and Impact NGO is currently teaching 515 elderly women and men, working towards making Pune an ‘Age-Friendly City’ according to World Health Organisation guidelines

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Delhi based NGO starts ‘healthy-ageing’ initiative in city

“In this project, we work with 515 elderly women and men, with a model that focuses on building social support structures, resilience and inter-generational discourse with the youths,” SDI CEO Benazir Patil said,

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NGO works to better senior citizens’ lives

Altogether 515 senior residents of Kasturba Vasahat and Indira Vasahat in Aundh have benefited from the community-based programme for the ageing population launched by the NGO School for Development and Impact (SDI) about eight months ago.

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