Dr. Kaval Gulhati
Ms. Archana Mittal, B.E. PGPDM

Advisor: Resource Mobilization

What I love about SCHOOL: the word which reminds me of my childhood–(student, culture, honesty, obedience, order, loyalty), it supports my learning on various aspect of development sector, a happy place to work supporting my growth personally and professionally

I bring: experience of working in NGO sector as resource person, with excellent skill-set of networking and communication.

My favourite book: ‘Mans’ Search for Meaning’ by Victor Frankl, though i find many quotes resonating with me, but my favourite is — He, who knows the “why” for his existence, will be able to bear any “how”

Ask me about: Life and Books – Both my teacher as reading imparts me knowledge whereas life gives wisdom (and I am still learning the trick to know and choose the right question- to ask between ‘why’ and ‘why not’ and learning ‘when’ to ask)

My role model is: Maya Angelou – versatile, brilliant, her whole life is inspiration to every woman – her poem “Still I Rise”, is my favourite.