About us

Society of Community Health Oriented Operational Links, is popularly referred to as ‘SCHOOL’ and at times as ‘SCHOOL for Development and Impact’ because of our motto, which is ‘for development and impact’.  

SCHOOL was founded in year 2007, wherein a lot of thinking had gone in while defining the objectives and purpose of the organization. A clear aim set in front was to work diligently with the vulnerable communities to ensure their development and bringing about a visible impact in their lives. Accordingly, SCHOOL has been reaching different sets of populations from residing in different geographies in India. 

Ably guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which plead that we view development in an integrated and transformative manner, SCHOOL applies the mantra of ‘reciprocation’ between social systems, economy, culture, education, and livelihoods and builds an ecosystem that provides ability to pursue healthy lives. With a strong focus on empowerment and participation, SCHOOL practices a unique approach of addressing all the social determinants that impact human lives. 

While SCHOOL consists of programs and focus areas with an end goal in sight of protecting vulnerable populations, ensuring good health and well-being continues to be our mission.

Our Vision

To bring about inclusive development to achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs)

Our Mission

To work with vulnerable populations in ensuring good health and wellbeing as the last mile by addressing every single social determinant.